The Top 10 Child Care & Day Cares in Miami, FL

Miami Child Care and Day Cares. Discover the best preschools and care centers in Miami, FL.

Miami Child Care and Day Care. Discover the best preschools and care centers in Miami, FL.

At A Sunny Start Preschool, we create an environment and plan activities that support the rapid development of infants. Our teachers provide a caring, nurturing atmosphere where children feel secure to explore the environment. Our beautiful, bright classroom provides a stimulating atmosphere where our infants observe different cultures and learn new vocabulary, all at their eye level! Our teacher has been in the infant class for over nine years; she is kind, loving, and ensures the highest quality of care for our youngest learners.

We are here to give each child a warm environment that encourages the development of socialization skills, independence, and a positive self-image. Our experienced teaching staff embraces the view that each child is a unique person with an individual pattern and timing of social, physical, and intellectual development. Teachers manifest their respect for children by encouraging them to think for themselves, to make decisions, to work towards their own solutions, and express their own ideas and feelings. We recognize and foster an active partnership between home and school. ARTEC ACADEMY’s vision is to provide day care service to parents who are in need of a safe, healthy, educational environment for their child. ARTEC ACADEMY is a warm, clean supportive facility, which cares for the needs of a child.

Our nursery is our pride and joy! Our infants truly thrive in a home-like, warm setting, and with experienced and nurturing caregivers. The goal is for our babies to see their room at B2L as an extension of their own homes. The infant room has been designed and decorated to take the form of a child’s playroom to play and socialize in; as well as a personal, individually decorated area in which to rest. Shoe covers are required to enter the classroom in order to maintain our floors cleaned and sanitized. After all, your child will be crawling around all day. We believe each child is a unique little miracle with infinite potential that can soar in a loving environment with varieties of materials and experiences.

Toddlers have a natural need to explore and research shows this is how they learn best. Their rooms are full of things to push, pull, press, and various centers to manipulate. Children at this stage of development learn by imitating, exploring and trial and error. While this is a wonderful growing stage in which toddlers become a bit more independent, we make it our priority to provide them with a very nurturing and caring environment. It is the security and trust that have from having loving caretakers that allow children to freely and fearlessly become involved in an array of daily learning experiences.

Our classrooms have been designed and decorated to expose our students to various learning situations and centers. They are easily adjusted to provide for individual, small group, and whole group activities. In addition, each group individually visits two main centers outside their classrooms 1) art, creativity and music 2) library, literacy and communications. Each of these specialized centers is used for whole class activities and is also further subdivided into smaller units to allow children to choose their focus of interest within each group. Aside from, these main centers, each classroom includes the following areas of play and learning: 1) dramatic 2) science/discovery 3) sensory 4) language 5) writing 6) manipulatives 7) blocks. Within this engaging learning environment, our preschoolers thrive along with caring teachers that interact and guide them.

Our program offers a hands-on curriculum where children are encouraged to explore materials in order to stimulate cognitive, emotional, social, and physical growth. Children will be engaged in many exciting and educational activities that promote learning. We have a fully trained staff that is headed by two State of Florida Certified Teachers in Early Childhood. We also offer Computer, Karate, gymnastics and Ballet Classes.

Excelsior Prep provides a caring atmosphere where children learn guided by a highly qualified staff that is dedicated to excellence and will teach and care for your children in a loving environment. Excelsior Prep is in full compliance with the State of Florida childcare requirements.

Excelsior Prep provides a 12-hour school day for children 3 months to 5 years and also before and after school care. A well-balanced nutritious breakfast, lunch, and snack are also provided for your children.

Excelsior Prep is dedicated to creating an environment where your child will learn, laugh, grow and excel.

Our mission is to encourage the potential of all children by providing them with a developmentally appropriate and caring environment that supports their emotional, social, cognitive and physical development while responding to the needs of families. We are committed to establishing a community where children, parents, teachers and staff will be engaged in a challenging and joyful environment that encourages children to learn and grow confidently. Our purpose is to provide a well-balanced, customized curriculum for children from 3 months to first grade, while nurturing and increasing a child’s aptitude and skills. Our program combines a sound educational philosophy, creative use of materials, technology, special equipment, and outstanding motivated teachers to give your child a dynamic and rewarding learning experience that will last them a life time.

Our Programs are designed to support the natural interaction between children and their surrounding environment. We believe in stimulating the developmental process by introducing challenges and creating educational goals for our students.

Our Curriculum focuses on problem resolution, information selection, hypothesis construction, and decision-making tactics. We believe these skills assist in the development of the 4 basic areas of fundamental growth:

  • Cognitive
  • Socio-Emotional
  • Psychomotor
  • Language

Cognitive growth can be gained through the expression of Art; Social growth through music (ie. instrument instruction), Psychomotor through Gymnastics, and Language via Voice classes.

Montessori Children’s House is a preschool located in Miami, Florida.

Engaged, experiential learning with a global perspective is our goal. Our purpose is to improve families, communities, and the world…one child at a time.

Our community of learners nurtures and inspires children to become global citizens by embracing Dr. Maria Montessori’s philosophy and methods.

Montessori Children’s House is a community of children, teachers, and families, dedicated to the beautiful discovery of each child’s innate capabilities and potential.

North Miami Beach Learning Center serves children ages 6 weeks to 5 years. We offer before and after school care, full day, half day, and summer camp. We are have conveniently located blocks from the Golden Glades interchange. Our curriculum prepares children to develop into independent and knowledgeable individuals.

The center is a family owned facility, and we are committed in teaching children in a nurturing yet professional environment. Children are our priority and we provide a healthy and safe atmosphere for them to grow. The first 5 years of a child’s life are a time of enormous development and learning that is fundamental for future success. It would be an honor to be a part of your child’s upbringing.

Ocean Reef Academy Early Learning Center is so excited education are interested in our program. We are an exceptional early educational program that inspires young minds!

Our school is designed to help educate your child in a secure, intimate, colorful pristine setting. The school’s unique culturally rich educational environment celebrates differences and facilitates lively peer to peer interactions.

The low teacher to student ratio encourages personalized attention, active learning and tailored individual development. Our teachers are all experienced and have advanced degrees, certifications and trainings. Our lessons focus on the cognitive brain development, social, emotional and physical well being of the child. That is why we incorporate the five senses (seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling) into our daily activities.

We have created an Academy with specialized rooms such as Art expression, manipulative and brain teasers, engineering and construction, science exploration, reading and literature, music and movement, dramatic play, gathering room (circle time) and an indoor safe, air-conditioned playground.

Small Wonders Child Care is our concept in quality, responsible Child Care. Our staff has over 25 years of experience in Child Care and Education. We have been located in the Crossings Industrial Park area since January of 1994. Before opening in the area we carefully researched a number of Centers and found inadequacies such as over-crowdedness, absentee directorship, under-supervision, tiny playgrounds, and crowded parking facilities. After our research, we knew we could do better and decided to open our very own center. We wanted to make a difference and offer our neighbors true quality care. In order to make a difference, we would adopt a simple idea, to be considerate while making things happier and more comfortable for both Parents and their Children.

Academy of Knowledge provides an enriched curriculum for children 14 months to 5 years old. Providing a state of the art facility, clean, warm, spacious atmosphere that fosters creativity, exploration, and growth using developmentally appropriate equipment in each classroom

Each classroom is designed to make education fun, provide students with an optimal environment for learning and fill each day with opportunities for exploration

At the Academy of Knowledge, our teachers have a love for education, a passion for teaching and a dedication to providing the best possible experience for your children to guide the children to reach their full potential.

AOK will be using The Creative Curriculum Approach which builds on the “whole child” philosophy of The Creative Curriculum. This continuum presents the curriculum objectives in four developmental areas: social/emotional development, physical development, cognitive development, and language development.

The Bright Days Preschool !! are passionate about education and providing your child with the tools to be successful in life. We provide high-quality care at an affordable price in an enriching and stimulating atmosphere, delivered by certified education professionals who care about your child’s well-being and growth. With our superior focus on academics.

The Gan was founded as a project of the Chabad Russian Center. Built to engage the young children of the Russian Jewish community, our goal is to create a warm Judaic environment that utilizes a combination of the Montessori and Reggio Emilia values of child-centered learning. Through art, music, and lessons the children are engaging in the vibrancy of Jewish culture alongside rigorous academic lessons, in a natural setting. We have worked to build a curriculum that gives the children the tools to understand the world around them and be mesmerized by the world’s natural wonders. With our gardening classes, dance, sports, and music we expose our children to activities that will give them the skill to flourish and grow. The Gan’s employees are all trained by Dr. Becky Bailey’s Conscious Discipline professionals. Using the core values of this methodology, the staff aims to be consciously aware of our disciplining tools, helping our students to develop healthy and strong social, emotional skills.

The Learning Nest is a school devoted to the Montessori philosophy and principles, where students learn at their own pace with personalized lesson plans.

The Learning Nest Montessori School was founded in February of 2013 by a group of experienced educators who believe strongly in the Montessori philosophy. The school was created with the aim of offering the best possible educational environment for a child’s full development of the child: physically, intellectually, and spiritually.

The school founders have a prestigious record of success with their first Montessori school, Montessori Institute of Broward, which is located in Davie. MIB has been operating since 2006 and has over 200 students.

At The Learning World in Doral, we focus on Social development through art, music, and play. It’s the perfect first preschool experience for many children. The Learning World Academy committed to taking each child to the next level and helping them reach their fullest potential. By providing the highest quality of education in early childhood, and by making learning a meaningful experience that will last a lifetime through the use of creative art, music, math, science, stories, and literacy.

The Montessori Academy at St. John’s is a non-denominational Montessori school that welcomes families of all faiths. We provide the highest quality of Montessori education in a beautiful, loving, and enriching environment. We have been serving the Miami Beach community since 1990.

The main goals of a Montessori Education include creating and maintaining a sense of order, improved coordination, prolonged concentration, and greater independence. A Montessori Directress’ role is to act as a keen observer, guide, and help the children to help themselves.

Our mission is to provide a stimulating academic and learning environment, which will establish fundamental habits, attitudes, skills, and ideas for a lifetime of creative thinking and learning for children.

Tiniciti is a modern-day early childhood facility that offers its parents peace of mind. On a daily basis, our parents take comfort in knowing that their children are enjoying their day in a fun, safe, and nurturing learning environment. It’s the perfect place for children to learn, grow, enhance their skill levels, develop healthy self-esteem and form close relationships with their teachers and classmates. Come on in and experience what sets us apart and makes Tiniciti Preschool parents’ number one choice for their children’s education.

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